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Purple Power Seeds by MSNL

Purple Power Seeds

The name Purple Power comes from the strain’s deep purple buds and its powerful stone. Some describe the high as a balance between cerebral and body, although its Sativa dominance makes the stone more uplifting and energizing. Also, this is a tough plant that’s able to grow in cold climates and still produce sizable yields.

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Seeds Type Regular
Indica/Sativa Mostly Indica
THC level 19 - 22%
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Plant size 180 - 220 cm
Yield 400 - 600 g/sm
Grow difficulty Easy/Moderate
Flowering time outdoor Early October
Flowering time indoor 8 - 10 weeks

Purple Power was developed from early Dutch Skunk and Thai Haze varieties. These Skunk and Haze varieties are both purple phenotypes. This is a Sativa-dominant strain with high concentrations of THC that can easily exceed 20%.