What is THC

What is THC

This is also called "trichomes" and is an abbreviation of "Tetra Hydro Cannabinol". These are the white crystals that you see on your buds when they are in bloom. The more THC a cannabis strain contains, the more powerful the effect. THC sticks to your fingers so when you touch the buds your fingers will be sticky right away.

Are there different types of THC?
Yes, it is not that the mind-altering effect of every plant is the same. The active substance exists in different forms, with a nice word called “isomers”. These substances, about ten in total, comply with the total formula Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol, but they differ in their chemical structure and effectiveness. Some species do not change at all, but a little bit is enough for other types.

View two macro images of the THC below. These trichomes are on the in, on and near the buds. This is the substance that gives you a stoned and pleasant feeling after use.

More information about the designation
The different THC strains are indicated by Delta (briefly indicated by “D” for convenience), followed by a number (eg D6 THC or D9 THC). Now it is of course impossible for us to find out exactly what D-THC our plants contain, but that is also not so important. The different forms of this substance can be easily distinguished from each other by smell. It is of course impossible to share scents on paper, so it comes down to experience if you want to distinguish the good plants from bad plants with your nose. But you will learn that automatically if you spend longer with the plants. And then you will see that the apparently tastiest scent does not have to indicate the most active form.

Where is THC on the cannabis plant?
You will not find this substance everywhere on the plant, most of the leaves of your cannabis plant will not contain crystals. Mainly on the leaves that are very close to the buds contain THC. The leaves that protrude directly from the buds are guaranteed to contain THC, so you shouldn't throw this away when harvesting!

Which cannabis plants have a lot of THC?
One plant has less than the other, you can also see that in the flowering period of the cannabis plant. Then the substance is created and is visible early in the flowering period, the further the bloom is, the more crystals you will see on your buds. Especially the strains such as White Widow or White Russian are strains that contain a lot of THC. Smoking these white varieties is also not recommended for the novice smoker.