Sativa Indica and Ruderalis

Sativa Indica and Ruderalis

There are 3 main types of cannabis plants namely, Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. All three differ from each other, the growing place and structure of the flowers. Slowly new species emerged everywhere through cross-breeding. In this way, they only combined the strengths of the plant and thus got good vigorous strains. The main ones are sativa and Indica.

Sativa plants can grow very tall
The leaves are usually long and narrow
A Sativa usually smells sweeter than an Indica
The flowering time of a Sativa can be up to 12 weeks
The effect of Sativa is high and mainly felt in the head
The Sativa model is longer and slimmer
sativa cannabis plant
Sativa cannabis plants have long and slender leaf fingers

Indica strains usually don't get that big
The leaves are broad and shorter than those of the Sativa strain
The scent of an Indica is pungent
The effect of an Indica is mainly felt in the body
Has an average flowering time of 7-8 weeks
It usually grows bushy and wide
indica cannabis plant
Indica cannabis plants have somewhat wider and shorter leaves

Ruderalis is a species that grows in areas where the days are short. This plant has adapted to this and therefore has a very short flowering time. However, this strain yielded too little THC to be interesting for breeding. They made crosses of indica's x ruderalis and developed autoflowering in this way, for example. Autoflowering flowers very quickly and now produces very high THC levels.

The effect of Indica and Sativa
Smoking weed will get you stoned or high, depending on the strain you smoke. When smoking a Sativa strain, the effect will mainly be felt in the head, while an Indica is mainly felt in the body. They call the feeling you get from Sativa strains high, the feeling you get from Indica strains they call stoned. Everyone has their own preferences because each species has its own characteristics.

The effect of Sativa strains
If you have smoked Sativa you can usually still be able to do your daily things, Sativa sometimes even gives you a creative feeling that makes you start doing things. The Sativa strains are also very suitable for use at parties because it does not make you physically lethargic or drowsy.

The effect of indica strains
If you smoke indica strains you will notice that all the things you still have to do feel a bit heavier, they also call indica strains "couchlockers", which means that you prefer to stay on the couch. Your body feels heavy and sometimes a small movement can be tiring. So if you still have things to do, then the indica is not a suitable strain. However, the effect provides a very relaxing experience, great for a long evening on the couch watching movies.