Nutrition for cannabis plants

Nutrition for cannabis plants

It needs different substances at every stage of the plant. For example, there is a stimulator, which you add to enhance root growth. There is also special nutrition that provides better growth and nutrition that ensures better flowering and therefore ultimately more yield.

Does a cannabis plant grows without nutrition?
A growing plant that is only raised with water will be clearly less healthy than a cannabis plant that receives nutrition. For example, you will sooner suffer from yellow leaves, this slows down the growth and flowering of the cannabis plant, so that the harvest will be far from optimal.

What types of nutrients are there?
There are different types of nutrition that must be added at the right time and moment. For example, you have a root-stimulator, which is an organic fertilizer that accelerates the growth of your roots and thus creates a stronger and better system. This benefits the cannabis plant, which can absorb more nutrients that way. There are also different types of nutrition for the growth period and the flowering period of the cannabis plant. They need different substances in both periods.

When can I start feeding my cannabis plant?
For seedlings (a freshly germinated plant) it is still very difficult to handle nutrients. We recommend simply growing your cannabis plant in soil. This does not yet contain any nutrients and is therefore well suited for a seedling. In the beginning, you only water her and add a little root stimulator. As soon as your cannabis plant has two branches, you can start adding nutrients.

Nutrition for the growth period of the cannabis plant
You need special nutrition for the growth period. During the growing period, a cannabis plant mainly needs potassium and fresh air, if one of these is not present enough, your plant will slowly develop more and more yellow leaves. The growth of the cannabis plant is a very important period that ultimately also determines whether you have more or less yield.

Nutrition for the flowering period of your cannabis plant
In the flowering period, the plant needs bloom nutrition, this is a combination of fertilizers that show a significant increase in the yield. During flowering, the cannabis plant mainly needs nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These substances can be found in all brands of bloom nutrients.