Medicinal Marijuana

Medicinal Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is growing in popularity and legal in more and more countries or states of countries. It has been known for a long time that cannabis can reduce and alleviate a large number of medical complaints.

However, cannabis (weed) is still a bit taboo because you can simply enjoy it by getting stoned or high. However, the development of medicinal cannabis is already so far that there are cannabis plants that do not give the stoned or high feeling but do have a very strong medicinal effect. You can of course also grow your own medicinal cannabis plant indoors or outside.

There are several brands that focus entirely on the medicinal effect of cannabis. These breeders are for example Medical Seeds, CBD Crew, or All-in Medicinal Seeds. There is also a wide choice of types that have a certain medicinal effect, this way you can also choose what you like or enjoy.

Indica is the main strain and has certain properties. After using an Indica cannabis strain you get a stoned, relaxed feeling that is mainly felt in your body. This feeling arises because the active substance THC, this substance has a muscle-relaxing effect and is therefore very effective against muscle pain caused by MS and Parkinson's, for example. Chronic pains such as rheumatism and arthritis are also alleviated by the Indica cannabis strain. Indica is also very good for sleeping problems and anxiety. They also call heavy Indica strains "couch lockers," which means that they make you so relaxed that you prefer to stay put. Find out more about Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis.

Medicinal cannabis for pain
There are different types of pain such as headache, joint pain, or, for example, chronic pain. To alleviate these complaints and reduce the pain, certain types of cannabis have been developed with an excellent medicinal effect against different types of pain.

Medicinal cannabis for a better night's sleep
Do you sleep badly? Many people sleep badly and there are types of cannabis that induce sleep. Many people have restless nights and are therefore tired during the day.

Medicinal cannabis against feelings of depression
Are you feeling down or depressed? Then there are certain Medicinal cannabis strains that make you happy and cheerful. Many people suffer from depression, especially in the fall. Using the right cannabis will make you feel more cheerful.

Standard medicinal properties of cannabis

After using cannabis you get a special feeling, this is being "stoned" or "high". The effect of using cannabis gives you a number of standard symptoms, here are a number of properties that occur as standard with most cannabis strains:

Muscle relaxation
Most cannabis strains provide relaxed muscles, being able to relax the muscles better can be good for a lot of complaints. If you use cannabis, you will benefit if, for example, you have a lot of stress or cannot relax properly. It also works in care patients, who have less stuffiness. It can even relax the muscles of the bladder, reducing incontinence. There are still many complaints that can be remedied if the muscle relaxation is better.

Blood circulation
After using cannabis, your blood circulation improves, so your body can make more heat and keep itself warm more easily.

Cannabis also ultimately works mind-expanding, so there could be a chance for more and easier relaxation.

Due to the effect of cannabis, it may be that some cannabis strains solve certain erection problems. This is not always the case, but some erectile dysfunction is reduced with cannabis use. It could also prevent premature orgasm.

What gives cannabis a medicinal effect
Every cannabis strain has a medicinal effect because every cannabis strain contains different cannabinoids. There are two main components that give cannabis its medicinal effect. These two most famous substances are THC and CBD. Every cannabis plant has THC and CBD, but it is important what the percentages of these substances are and which condition needs to be remedied or alleviated.

THC is the substance that gives you a stoned or high feeling, CBD is a substance that, whether or not in combination with the THC, gives the plant a medicinal property. The percentage of CBD is in most cases much lower than the percentage of THC. You can see that the medicinal cannabis strains usually have a fairly high CBD content and a somewhat lower THC content. There are also now 1: 1 types, which means that the percentage of CBD is equal to the percentage of THC. There are strains that contain, for example, 7% CBD and 7% THC, which are ideal for medicinal users. You hardly have a stoned or drowsy feeling after use, while the medicinal effect is better.