Germinate your cannabis seeds

Germinate your cannabis seeds

After purchasing your cannabis seeds you can start germinating the seeds. Light is not necessary for the germination of cannabis seeds. Provide a very moist and warm environment and the seed will germinate on its own. Light is only needed when the plant gets leaves.

You can germinate cannabis seeds in three ways:

In a cup of water
On a damp surface
In soil

Germinating your cannabis seeds in a cup of water:
You get the greatest chance of germination if you ensure the right temperature, a temperature of 22 to 25 degrees is ideal. Fill a cup with water and put your seeds in it, after 2 to 4 days your cannabis seeds will pop open and show their roots. The moment you see the white root appear you can place them directly in the soil, put them with the root down in the ground, and no deeper than 1 centimeter. The stalk that comes out of the seed is not the plant but the root.

Germinate cannabis seeds on a moist surface:
Use a material that retains moisture as a surface, such as cotton wool or toilet paper. Grab a saucer and place a blanket of cotton wool or a few layers of toilet paper on it. Then wet it and pour any excess water from the saucer. Place your seeds in the moist substrate, press them in a little bit, gently. After this, you can cover the saucer with another saucer which you put on it upside down. As a result, the water in the cotton wool will not evaporate so quickly. The seed will germinate between 2 and 4 days, but make sure you keep the toilet paper or cotton wool moist, as it should not dry out anymore. The advantage of kitchen roll is that it does not fluff. Germinating between toilet paper is not convenient because the toilet paper dissolves very easily. Cotton wool is not ideal because the root of the plant can get caught in it.

Germinating cannabis seeds in the soil:
You can also germinate your cannabis seeds directly in the soil. Put your seed in the ground, but no deeper than 1 centimeter. Cover this with a little bit of soil and press it lightly. Make sure your soil is light and loose, compacted soil is difficult for the roots to penetrate. From this time on, keep the soil constantly moist. The seed will germinate under the ground and push its plant out of the ground. A small plant should appear after 4 - 10 days.

Germinating cannabis seeds summary:
Ambient temperature 22 - 25 degrees
The environment must be very wet
Keep your surface wet until the cannabis seeds have germinated!
What could be wrong if my seeds don't germinate?
The most common cause is too low a temperature. Cannabis seeds germinate best at 22 - 25 degrees. The seeds must be constantly moist during the germination process.